Monday, August 22, 2005

telecom service in US sucks

The telecom providers in US suck big time and money from us . The charges are so high when compared to countries in asia and europe . No free sms , mms .ringtones costing 3 dollars and up . poor wap service . Even the mobile technology seems to be laid back . The reason may be due to the telecom providers exploiting the american society with their CDMA ( bloody qualcomm) and the americans love it . Americans dont like phones from nokia , sonyericsson and love the bloddy nextel with intercom features and people talk so loudly in subways and metros to others irritation .When TMOBILE ventured in US there was a paradigm shift in focus of the telecom industry and so cingular became so famous . But still no carrier has a bigger coverage than verizon . why?. because verizon's networks goes leaps and bounds as they lay cable to all the parts of the nation and the FCC charges to use other networks are so high .

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

reality shows reality shows all new

This season's reality shows has already started with many shows in E. The "girls" from playb0y mansion has started a reality show and the "filthy rich in cattle drive" is a soul sucking show of rich kids living in cattle drive . The next installment of "the amazing race"is set to go .Tara reid has her own realty show and diana's butler is having a realty show and the surreal realty show is set to go . MTV'S 70 house sucks big time . No drama and so is real life austin. "Hogan knows best" is okay but nuttin much as expected .

Hindi SOAPS - Will they end ?? never.

I was watching couple of soaps in zee in the past few days to wile away the time . I wonder why all the hindi soaps are centric around women .In hindi soaps , men are always weak natured and hen pecked .Extra marital affairs , women in odd costumes and script writers are the drag queens reeling the story minute after minute . Its exactly opposite to how balachander(KB) would treat the subject . KB paints the reality of women who are confident of facing the issues rather than whining and crying . One commonality in all the soaps is that in times of difficulty everyone prays and does nuttin . Rather than trying to solve the issue people leave it to god and thats lame and thats blind faith . I wish the censor board makes sure to censor them . Doh . wheres the TV censor . And the most important thing is the interior decoration of the houses that are shown in the soaps. Totally contradicting ugly looking . In the soap "astitva ek prem kahani " where the character works in hospital , the walls of the hospital is in robin blue and the lobby is so dark colored . Its not even 1% real . And in the same serial , men are real matter of mockery . Will they end . I dont think so .

whatta weekend

Last week i was totally out of action . Work seems to be the order of the week .In the weekend one of my collegemates came from texas . So i was acting as local guide to dc in the scortchin summer .Doh . what a sweaty weekend . Mean while global gathering concluded in UK . Little love's session was awesome .Couldnt resist hearing it a hundered times . Meanwhile i came across some desi blogs .They were awesome .Meanwhile srikanth is set for release of his next album .

Monday, July 25, 2005

5 days for the weekend

My weekend seems to be so so routine day with most of the time spent @ work . It was surprising to see "the chocolate factory" retaining the top spot in box office . I thought ' the island' should get up in top spot but it failed miserably . Summer is scortchin out . Cant step out during the day time . Went to the temple on sunday and was held up until evening due to some volunteer work .I was about to meet srikanth on sunday but failed to make it .Yesterday people in tamilnadu felt some tremors due to aftershocks of nicobar quake . As the ocean levels raise , it really seems to be a alarming signal to the environment . It was so surprising to see the afghan PM visit UK immediately after the blasts . And what more could be more interesting than miandad's son marriage to dawood's daughter . Does that mean miandad will be under checklist and will never be allowed into UK and US . I dont think so .

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A must read for all

So how much do you make? What's your home worth? What did that jacket set you back?For more than 80 years, the correct response to such rude money questions has come from "Etiquette," the 1922 bible of proper manners written by New York author and bon vivant Emily Post. Today, her work continues through the Emily Post Institute, a multifaceted etiquette empire for which Peggy Post, Emily's great-granddaughter-in-law, serves as spokeswoman and author.Post recently completed the 17th edition of "Emily Post's Etiquette," a complete update and rewrite of the original that covers such modern topics as cell-phone and e-mail etiquette. She has also written "Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette" and co-authored "The Etiquette Advantage in Business," with brother-in-law Peter Post, and "The Guide to Good Manners for Kids," with sister-in-law Cindy Post Senning. We went to the source for a lesson in good manners on how to discuss the touchy subject of money.

Question: Is it gauche to talk about money?

Peggy Post: Sometimes. In the financial world, you definitely have to talk about money, so in that realm, of course it's OK. In personal life, the question is, how far do you venture into talking about money? Try to remember what the British call "reserve": Use a lot of common sense, and think before you speak.

Q: Most people are uncomfortable or embarrassed when the talk turns to money.

Post: Yes. Some people like to talk about money all the time and brag about how much money they have, and especially in the social world, that turns a lot of people off. I think it's really important to choose your subject wisely. It used to be totally taboo to discuss money, religion or politics, but these days, in some cases, it's OK to discuss these things. In religion and politics, if things get heated, you want to be able to say, "Let's agree to disagree." But when it comes to money, if somebody just wants to brag to impress other people, I would say most people don't want to hear about it.You make what?

Q: What is the appropriate response if someone asks you, say, how much money you make?

Post: The answer is, first, you don't have to answer. Two, you don't need to get rude in return; you can simply let the person know that you consider this to be an inappropriate topic. Some people are able to use a little humor, such as, "Well, my boss thinks I make too much, but I don't think I make enough." It's the same way you deflect questions like, "How old are you?" You might say, "29 and holding." Or if asked, "Why aren't you married?," you might answer, "Well, I'm waiting for Prince Charming."

Q: Here's one that makes people uncomfortable: How much did you pay for your house?

Post: Those are all public records so that's quasi-private, but still, it's a turn-off for lots of people. You may answer or not, depending on what you feel like doing. Or you can say, "You can check it out at the tax records downtown." Just don't get bullied into discussing things if you don't want to.

Q: Why are we squeamish when someone asks us how much we paid for something?

Post: I think a lot of people feel they're being evaluated because of it. It's a personal question, how much someone makes, how much someone spends. People have different philosophies on the topic, and it's really a private matter what their net worth is on a monetary basis.Where to draw the line

Q: Is there an appropriate way to ask about money without offending?

Post: You have to really know who you're talking to, first of all. If it's somebody you know really well, you might feel comfortable, and it might be appropriate. Instead of asking directly, "What did you pay for your son's tuition?" you might approach it more generally, "Gee, college tuitions are so high these days," and see if they volunteer information. Or you might offer first, "College costs are so high these days. I can't believe I'm paying $45,000 a year for my daughter's tuition, room and board." That's usually the most graceful way of doing it. But it may be a conversation that nobody else cares about. You have to be very careful when you're only talking about yourself. That's a whole other taboo in polite conversation.

Q: So where do you draw the line?

Post: Usually, discussing costs of living, housing and tuition are much more public issues than salaries and raises; those are taboo unless you happen to be the person's boss or the human resources person in the company. A lot of people don't like to be judged on how much they make. My worth is who I am, not what I make. Even asking, "How much did you spend?" puts a lot of people on the defensive. It's that whole judgmental issue, people evaluating.

Q: You always have the feeling that if I say I paid $300 for my iPod, they're going to know somebody who paid $250.

Post: That's true. We're such a deal-oriented society these days and then you feel silly because you didn't get the deal that the other guy did.

Q: Could you just deflect the question by saying, "Why do you ask?"

Post: That's one of the ways to handle these nosey questions. Of course, it's the old "answering a question with a question."Q: Not proper etiquette, huh?Post: Well, I'd say that is. Instead, you could say, "None of your business" or "I'd rather not talk about that if you don't mind," and then change the subject; those are the most gracious ways. But when somebody is really just digging in and digging in and asking, that's when it's the last defense, and I'd say that is perfectly fine.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Another weekend

The weekend started with a T-storm in the evening . I had work for the weekend so didnot venture into any outdoor activity except for some grocery shopping and watching couple of old movies at home . I watched "indru poi nallai vaa" . It was good comedy especially one of the jokes in the climax when one of the kidnappers of radhika asks a passerby for route to "arabia" by road and the stranger asks him back "North or south " .LOL. Good times . 1980s chennai was so good . Lesiurely life . Nuttin to worry as a kid . Watching Giant robot , sv shekar dramas , sunday award winning movies , election time continous movie broadcasts , he man , spider man , shazam , streetcat . Goodtimes .

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

work , work all this week

Last 2 weeks hectic work .No where to go . Hopped into regal cinema on saturday night to watch "war of the worlds ". The movie was good but the anti climax was disappointing . I havent read the book but still the climax was no good . Waiting for "island" . I will be out of action till 23rd due to work . Its hot in here . mercury hitting 90s . Planning to go to va beach the weekend after . Hope it turns out good .

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In front of the bridgewater temple with my friend pradeep

Bridgewater Balaji temple

I visited the bridgewater temple in jersey . The temple is big . It has the mixture of north indian and south indian gods . Much of the property is still unused . May be they should have future plans for it .

"Devi in New york"

During my long weekend visit to ny , we went around wax museum which was fine and then to uss interpid . Every yearJuly4th i visit new york . Summer in new york is the best . Especially the 42nd street to 34th street is so vibrant . This is the first time , i visited new york and ended up without shopping . We went to an indian resturant called "devi" where the chef suvi savran works . the food was good with some creative stuff . The highlight was the dessert . Mango cheesecake was really good and the kulfi was as authentic as one would get in northern parts of india . It is a fine dining indian restuarant so its $$$.

Modern "savitiri" in oaktree

Last weekend , i went to the famous much touted oak tree road in new jersey . It looked as if it was in one of the shopping streets in pune . The place resembled india in every sense with no one following the traffic rules and parking anywhere and its cleanliness like people spitting pan on the walkway .I witnessed a funny incident . One of the cars took a wrong u turn since they found a parking space . The lady traffic cop witnessed this and inquired the driver as to why he did that when he knew that he cannot make u turns in that signal . The driver's wife who was sitting in the front passenger seat started to plead to the traffic cop not to book which aggreviated the lady traffic cop and the cop asked her to keep quiet as she was talking to the driver of the car and then the lady trafic cop started to write the number on the car plate to book . Watching this , the wife of the driver came out the car and started pleading to the cop not to book . The traffic cop summoned a ticket inspite of the plead by the modern indian "savitiri" to save her husband from paying fine and loosing some points .